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Asteroids 2.0 is a throwback to the basic 2D arcade game 'Asteroids' by Atari.

All listed gamemodes are available to play with a 2nd player.

Controls (Player 1): W Thrust, AD Turn, Spacebar Shoot

(Player 2): UP Thrust, LEFT RIGHT Turn, Numpad0 Shoot

There are three gamemodes:

- Classic

The retro game but with a few changes. When colliding with asteroids you are bounced away rather than destroyed and re-spawned. There is no teleporter device and you gain a new life every 2000 points earned (max 6)

- Survival

The player survives rounds of asteroids (also featuring the 'Shooting Asteroids') and tries to survive as long as possible. Points earned can be spent at space station shops that are passed at regular intervals. Ships can be upgraded and repaired for the adversities ahead.

- Dodgestroids

Dodgeball but with shooting asteroids, survive for as long as possible.


Asteroids2.zip 11 MB

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